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Q: How long has MVHI been providing Cardiology services?

A: We have been providing services to Cardiac patients since 1992. However, we changed the name of our practice from Mt. Vernon Cardiology to Mount Vernon Heart Institute to encompass all outpatient Cardiac services under one roof in 2005.


Q: Is your facility accredited? 

A: The back bone of outpatient Cardiac testing is Nuclear stress test and Echocardiogram. Both our Nuclear Lab and Echo Lab have been accredited by the Intersocieteal Accreditation Commission since we started providing these services.


Q: Do you see pediatric patients?

A: We see patients aged 20 and above and all those with a diagnosis of Adult Congenital Heart Disease.


Q: Do you need a referral to see a patient?  

A:  No referral is required. You can make an appointment directly either online or by calling us


Q: What is the waiting time for a new Consult / establishing care for a new patient?

A: We try to accommodate all new patients ASAP, generally within one week or earlier depending upon the urgency.

Q: What Insurance plans do you accept?

A: We accept all Medicare plans and most major insurance plans. Please contact our office for Coverage.


Q: Do you see patients who have no Insurance?

A: Yes, we do but payment for services has to be arranged beforehand.


Q: Do you work with our Primary Care provider?

A: Yes, we always work very closely with the Primary care provider and keep them in the loop.


Q: Can I have Cardiac testing done at MVHI without a referral?

A: Cardiac testing such has Echo cardiogram, Stress Testing, Carotid Doppler, Holter etc. requires a Physicians order. If you do not have a Physician referral order and you think you need cardiac testing, then it will be best to schedule an appointment with us to see if Cardiac testing is indicated in your particular situation.


Q: Do you do DOT Cardiac evaluations? / clearance

A: Yes, we do. Please contact our office if you need one.


Q: Do you do evaluation for Cardiac risk in healthy patients?

A: Yes, we do. This includes History, EKG, basic labs and possibly cardiac testing if indicated.


Q: Should asymptomatic patients with a diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus get Cardiac evaluation?

A: Yes, absolutely! Heart Disease is a silent killer in Diabetic Patients. Half of them succumb to it. Therefore, these patients are at high risk for Cardiac events especially Heart attack and should be thoroughly evaluated for Cardiovascular Disease.


Q: Should Patients with Hypertension/ High Blood pressure be evaluated for Heart Disease?

A: Over period of time High Blood pressure has adverse effects on the heart function. It can contribute to development of Coronary artery Disease, Heart Failure and also poses a risk for stroke. These patients may develop symptoms of exertional Chest pain, exertional Shortness of breath and TIA’s/Mini strokes. Before these symptoms set in, it is a good practice to have cardiac evaluation to prevent major complications. 


Q: Do you take care of patients with diagnosis of Aortic Aneurysm?

A: Presence of an Aneurysm means presence of Vascular Disease. Yes, we do take care of such patients. 


Q: Do you treat Cholesterol Disorders?

A: Yes, we do.


Q: If I have pain in my leg muscles with walking and have been diagnosed to have Peripheral arterial disease, what are the chances I may have Vascular Disease in other areas?

A: There is a 50% chance of having Coronary artery Disease affecting the heart with risk of Heart attack and 50% chance of having Carotid Vascular disease with a risk of stroke.


Q: Do you provide Preventive Cardiology services?

A: Yes, we do and these include: BP control, MVHI Habits for healthy living and weight loss, Cholesterol management etc.


Q: Do you provide patient education regarding Cardiovascular Disease?

A: Yes, we have a patient education Center in our facility with info regarding most Cardiovascular Disorders.

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Mt. Vernon Heart Institute
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