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M. Haseeb, MD, FACC

Cardiologist located in Mt Vernon, IL

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Introducing Mount Vernon Heart Institute

At MVHI we deal with “precious lives”. We don’t do things to the patients, we do for them!

Mount Vernon Heart Institute offers all heart-related outpatient services under one roof in a serene and welcoming environment. Its easy access, ample parking right in front of the door and open space compliment the delivery of commitment for excellence.

From the reception lounge to exam rooms, equipment for diagnostic cardiac evaluation to its staff, everything is Hi-tech, Hi-touch!

From prevention to diagnosis and from treatment to guiding rehabilitation, MVHI has the technology and expertise to provide COMPLETE CARDIAC CARE.

Our team works closely with every patient and every referring physician to provide a plan that delivers PERSONALIZED HEART CARE.



"Cardiology is my passion, it’s not my life…but people are". There are many heart conditions and a number of ways to treat them. And then there’s the patient, a one-of-a-kind individual. My mission is to bring the science and art of practicing medicine together for improving the quality of patients with heart Disease”

  • • Board Certified: Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology and Echocardiography

    • • Fellowship Training: State University of New York Health Science Center, Brooklyn New York

    • • Residency Training: University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 

    • • Experience: Has performed more than 3000 Cardiac catheterization and related procedures

    • • Practice Includes: Invasive Cardiology, Defibrillator, and Pacemaker implantation, Nuclear Cardiology, Echocardiography, TEE

    • • Leadership Positions held: Director Dept. of Cardiology and Cath Lab, Good Samaritan Hospital, Illinois; President Medical staff Good Samaritan Hospital, Mount Vernon; Medical Director American Heart Association,; Board of Councilors, American College of Cardiology Illinois Chapter; Member Credentials Committee National Council on Geriatric Cardiology; Chair Board of Trustees, King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America; President, King Edward Medical College Alumni association of North America


The Team

  • The Team

    • Board Certified Cardiologists 

    • Cardiology trained Physician Assistants / Nurse Practitioners

    • Clinical Nurse Specialists

    • Certified Cardiovascular Technicians

    • Exercise Specialists

    • Dietitians/ Nutritional experts

    • Information Technology specialist

Featured Services

Services Offered

  • Office Consultations

    • Establishment of Cardiac care for patients with known Heart Disease

    • Preoperative Consults

    • Second Opinion Consults

    • Evaluation of Diabetic Patients for Heart Disease

    • Chest Pain/ Coronary artery Disease

    • Heart Failure/ Cardiomyopathies

    • Heart rhythm Disturbances/ Atrial Fibrillation

    • Heart Disease Risk assessment

    • Cholesterol and Lipid Disorders

  • Diagnostic Services

    • Nuclear Stress test

    • Echocardiogram

    • TEE 

    • Holter Monitor

    • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

    • Evaluation of arteries and Veins : Carotid Doppler, Arterial Doppler, Venous Duplex

  • Therapeutic Services

    • Angiography, Heart Catherization / Stents

    • Defibrillator

    • Pacemaker

    • EXTERNAL COUNTER PULSATION ECP)..Patients who are not candidates for stents/ Bypass or who do not wish to undergo these procedures, have a hope of getting improvement of their symptoms . ECP is an outpatient, non-invasive scientifically proven treatment for Cardiac patients. It does not involve any needles or hospitalizations. It can improve the symptoms of Chest pain, Shortness of breath, easy fatiguability, tiredness ( anginal equivalents) in a great majority of patients.



  • Cardiac Wellness Program

    • Heart Disease Prevention

    • Living with Heart Disease

    • Exercise training

    • Dietary/ Nutritional Consults

  • Education

    • Community Lectures on Heart Disease

    • Patient Education Resource Center


Words from our patients

  • "The care I received from MVHI after a complex Bypass surgery was nothing but amazing. I had given up but MVHI staff didn't. Here I am enjoying my life."

    Donald Robbins
  • "At age 42, I had a "close call" with an Aortic Aneurysm ready to burst . Timely diagnosis and intervention saved my life. Thank you so much MVHI."

    Cliff Whittington


Mt. Vernon Heart Institute
4204 Williamson Pl
Mt Vernon, IL 62864
Phone: 618-244-2525
Fax: 618-244-3666

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